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John Diener

Photo of John Diener 

Since John Diener’s aunt and uncle began tilling the soil on the west side of California’s fertile Central Valley in 1929, brothers and cousins, fathers and sons, and daughters have joined them, making it truly a family farming operation.  The latest to come on board are John’s daughter and three sons, who will harvest their first almond crop this fall.

“We’re trying to get them engaged at an early age,” John says of the third generation.

To ensure future generations have the same opportunities, John works to not only preserve the natural resources on his farm near Five Points, but also enhance them. His goal is to create a sustainable environment. That same long-term philosophy is what spurred John to join Blue Diamond Growers in 1989, the same year he planted his first almond trees.

“We had to be assured that we were going with someone who would be around tomorrow,” he says.

Since then, John says he’s been pleased with the host of healthful new products—including Almond Breeze—that Blue Diamond has developed for the consumer. But he says the grower-owned cooperative has never lost sight of its roots. 
“We’re the local guys producing a fresh and natural product grown under standards you wouldn’t find in most other countries,” John says. “You can be confident that the products we grow have been scrupulously inspected, and we, as growers, are working to produce the crop as sustainably as we can.”