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Board of Directors

Blue Diamond® is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of not less than nine nor more than eleven Directors.  Nine of the Directors, called District Directors, are elected by vote of the membership to represent each of the nine Directorial Districts in the state of California.  The District Directors are authorized by Blue Diamond’s® Bylaws to appoint no more than two additional Directors called Directors-at-Large.  No members of management serve on the Board of Directors.

District Directors serve three-year terms and each year the terms of three Directors expire.  Directors may be reelected indefinitely.  Directors-at-Large serve one-year terms and can be appointed to successive terms indefinitely by majority vote of the District Directors.  Currently only one of the two Directors-at-Large positions is filled.

The Board of Directors holds an Organization Meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting each year to elect the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, appoint Directors-at-Large and transact other business.  Other regular meetings and special meetings are held throughout the year.

The current Chairman of the Board is Mr. Clinton Shick of McFarland, California.

Chairman of the Board, Clinton Shick (McFarland)

Clinton Shick, Chairman of the Board (McFarland) 

Clinton is a life-long farmer, growing up in the Kern County community of McFarland, the son and grandson of farmers.  After graduating from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo with a degree in Farm Management, he began work on a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics at UC Davis.  The lure of production agriculture however, drew him back to McFarland, where he went to work for a farm management company.  Working with farm management clients helped in developing his own farming enterprise.  He leased ground, planting cotton and other row crops, until he was able to plant his first almonds in 1973 on land he had leased with an option to purchase.  His family entered the almond business in 1970 when his father planted his first orchard.

Today, Clinton continues to manage some of his family’s land, farms several hundred acres of his own, along with his wife Debbie, which is planted to almonds and kiwifruit.  He is still involved in farm management of some almonds and walnuts.

Clinton was elected to the Blue Diamond Board in 1983 as the first director for the realigned District 9.  The cooperative had redrawn its nine directorial districts in recognition of rapidly expanding almond acreage in Kern County and a southern shift in almond acreage in the Central Valley.  He also serves on the Board of Central Valley Almond Association, a cooperative Huller/Sheller located in McFarland, and has served the Kern County Farm Bureau as their president.  He and his wife are active in their church where they are both involved in leadership.

Board Members

The following individuals hold the remaining board seats:

  • Dale Van Groningen, Vice Chairman (Ripon)
  • Charles Crivelli (Turlock)
  • Dan Cummings (Chico)
  • Kevin Fondse (Ripon)
  • George Goshgarian (Fresno)
  • Elaine Rominger (Arbuckle)
  • Steve Van Duyn (Modesto)
  • Robert J. Weimer (Atwater)
  • Don Yee, Director-at-Large