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A Strong Voice For Almonds

Government is intended to serve all the people, but the fact is that it serves those who participate most in the decision-making.

As the farm population shrinks, our votes alone are not enough to make ourselves heard in government.

Blue Diamond has long been active in government affairs with good results for you and your cooperative. However, politics is getting tougher as government budgets decline and interest groups scrap over a shrinking pie. To maintain a strong voice in government, Blue Diamond needs your participation in the Issues Action Program (IAP).

Take a look, below, at the list of recent "wins" from Blue Diamond's political involvement. Then consider the political challenges ahead. We hope you will be convinced to help support political candidates favorable to the almond business and to take a personal role in IAP.

How Your PAC Dollars Work For You And Your Co-op

Marketing access to India. Tarrifs that change yearly shut out California almonds, but Blue Diamond's political clout has elevated this market to be the third largest export market for almonds.

More markets worldwide. Blue Diamond's Influence over trade negotiations helped scale back almond import duties worldwide for an industry sales gain of some $40 million a year in the GATT round. Blue Diamond is asking for zero duties in the next round.

Higher volume to Europe. Our presence in Washington, D.C. helped get cuts in the European Union's almond tariffs for sales opportunity estimated to be worth $12 million per year.

Saved export promotion program. Blue Diamond helped save USDA's export promotion program. The Market Access Program will provide $2.5 million a year in matching funds for almond export development.

Reinstated brand credits. Blue Diamond's efforts salvaged brand advertising credits, allowing its growers to offset some of Blue Diamond's branded advertising costs.

The Challenges Ahead

  • Maintaining export market access
  • Protecting water resources for agriculture
  • Defending private property rights
  • Saving the pesticide option for growers
  • Fending off new taxes and fees

Come help influence the decisions of government. Don't just stand on the sidelines helplessly waiting for some else to decide for you. Add your voice for fair treatment of almond growers through Blue Diamond's Issues Action Program. Join Today!