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Blue Diamond® is Progressive

Beginning in 1999, Blue Diamond® began evaluating it operations as part of a continuing review and improvement process. As a result, Blue Diamond® implemented a new program of Business Process Design or BPD. Under BPD, the entire company has been redesigned to focus operations more clearly on the customer and the bottom line.

Rather than having traditional departments, responsible for a single function, people are now organized in teams representing the key functions required to properly serve a particular customer type. In this new format, Blue Diamond® professionals representing all functions critical to serving a particular type of customer work on the same team, called business units. Every team member is responsible for the business unit's results - for meeting the team's customers and for making the business unit profitable. Communications flow unimpeded among team members and a customer's request flows seamlessly from order to delivery. Coordinating their efforts with the appropriate production group in the plant, sales managers, customer service representatives, quality assurance professionals and financial analysts work together to get the job done to the customer's satisfaction…profitably

The five new business units, Processed Ingredients, Commodity, Americas Industrial, Export Industrial, and Consumer Foods, effectively function as separate businesses with their own balance sheets and bottom lines. Plant operations have been organized into production cells by logical groups of activity including brown skin almonds, manufacturing, retail and non-almond products. Production cells are aligned with the business units that market their respective products to create a smooth flow of communication from customer order to delivery.

Under this new business design, Blue Diamond® operations will reach unparalleled efficiency and economies allowing Blue Diamond's® members to consistently earn a competitive grower return possible.