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Almond Facts Magazine, January/February 2014

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2014 started with a bang as Blue Diamond Almonds was named the Official Snack Nut of the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding!

Topics for this issue include: Cultural seminar recaps, exciting sales growth and much more! 

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What's Inside

Official Snack Nut

Blue Diamond is the official snack nut of the U.S. ski and snowboarding teams, a winning partnership that promotes nutrition, sportsmanship and the "Get Your Good Going" spirit. Read Story 

Value-Added Sales Growth

A focus on value-added almond ingredients over the past few years has fueled major sales grwoth for Blue Diamond's Global Ingredients Division. Read Story 

Orchard Diseases

Three key diseases - scab, alternaria and hull rot - and the way to control them was discussed by Jim Adaskaveg, plant pathologist at UC Riverside, in a cultural seminar. Read Story

Pesky Pests

Managing mites and leaf-footed plant bugs can make or break a crop. David Haviland from the UC Cooperative Extension explained helpful techniques in a cultural seminar. Read Story