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Almond Facts Magazine, May/June 2013

Almond Facts cover, May/June 2013      

Spring has been busy for Blue Diamond Growers as the cooperative gears up for another hot summer.

Topics for this issue include: water management, energy savings, marketing programs and much more!


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What's Inside

Ag Outreach in Afghanistan

Blue Diamond Grower Gary Soiseth writes about his experiences working with Afghan farmers. Read Story 

Energy Savings

Through energy saving initiatives from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Blue Diamond saves nearly $500,000 in energy costs. Read Story 

Water Management

In a short water year, growers have much to consider when it comes to parsing out their available water to ensure a strong crop. Read Story

In Remembrance

Current and former board members and Blue Diamond executives reflect on Chairman Emeritus Fred Montgomery's time with the co-op. Read Story